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Add all the teams you want and observe how much every team is completed



Put a bid on the players with the best offer amount and the winning player team

Bid management

Set bids to the player and keep track of the players already taken

Player editor

Change photo, name, position and price of every player you wanna edit

CSV Importer

Import a csv with the players informations from the share menu.

Allowed columns:
ID: #, id, code, cod, codice
First name: name, first name, nom, nome
Last name: last name, surname, cognome, cog
Team: team, squad, squadra
Price: price, quote, prezzo, quota, quotazione, quo, q
Position: pos, position, role, ruolo, posizione, p, r
Positions: g, gk, goalkeeper, p, por, portiere, d, df, dif, defender, difensore, m, mf midfielder, c, cen, centrocampista, f, fw, forward, s, striker, a, att, attaccante

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